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Evvoli Front-Loading Washing Machine | 8Kg

Evvoli Front-Loading Washing Machine | 8Kg

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Model: EVWM-FDDA-1014

    The Evvoli 8kg Front-Loading Washing Machine, is the ultimate solution for your laundry needs.

    Generous Capacity and Power: Equipped with a spacious 8kg load capacity and operating at up to 1,400 rpm with 2 fans, this fully automatic front-loading washer tackles laundry loads with ease. Plus, its impressive 5-star energy rating ensures efficient performance while saving on energy costs.

    Efficient Washing Machine Inverter Motor: The direct inverter motor in this washer offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability. By connecting directly to the drum without the need for guide belts and rollers, it reduces noise levels and energy consumption, providing quiet yet powerful operation.

    Expert Wool Care: Experience professional-grade care for your wool fabrics with the expert wool wash program. Designed to keep wool soft and intact after every wash, this specialised program ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning, preserving the quality of your garments.

    Superior Cleaning and Drum Cleaning Cycle: The professional clean cycle operating at higher temperatures eliminates germs and bacteria, ensuring hygienically clean laundry every time. Likewise, the Drum Cleaning Cycle program removes odour-causing bacteria from the barrel using a combination of immersion, pulsation, and high-speed rotation, keeping your washer clean and odour-free.

    Upgrade your laundry routine with the Evvoli 8kg Front-Loading Washing Machine and enjoy cleaner, fresher clothes with less effort. With its spacious capacity, advanced features, and professional-grade programs, laundry day has never been easier or more efficient.

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