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Evvoli Single-Door Glass Refrigerator | 325L

Evvoli Single-Door Glass Refrigerator | 325L

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Model: EVSCM-325W

    The Evvoli 325L Single-Door Glass Refrigerator offers a stylish and efficient solution for product storage and display needs.

    High-Strength Caster Wheels: Effortlessly move your refrigerator with high-strength caster wheels, allowing for flexible placement and easy access wherever you need it.

    Generous Capacity: With a total capacity of 325L and a net capacity of 309L, this fridge provides ample space for both cold and fresh food storage. Its dynamic design and robust construction make it versatile for various settings, from cafes and convenience stores to supermarkets and more. Equipped with four shelves, this chiller offers ample storage space for your refrigerated items, allowing for efficient organization and easy access.

    Top Lighting and In-Hollow Glass Design for Superior Visibility and Brand Demonstration: Illuminate your products with top-mounted lighting and showcase your brand prominently within this feature-rich chiller. The innovative in-hollow glass design adds sophistication while ensuring excellent product visibility. Create an elegant atmosphere that reflects the quality of your products and attracts customers' attention.

    Easy-to-Clean Interior: Maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your items with an interior that's easy to wipe down. Keep your chiller looking its best with minimal effort, ensuring optimal freshness and hygiene standards.

    High-Speed Heat Dissipation System: Experience rapid cooling and consistent performance with the high-speed heat dissipation system. Maintain ideal temperatures even in demanding environments, ensuring reliable refrigeration performance that keeps your products fresh and appealing.

    Upgrade your product storage and display capabilities with the Evvoli 325L Single-Door Glass Refrigerator today.

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