Intensive stain removal with Evvoli Washing Machines

Intensive stain removal with Evvoli Washing Machines

As much as we love coffee, food, and lipstick, getting them on our clothes is probably one of the biggest mood killers we face on a day-to-day basis. For most people, it’s the fear of having to dispose of their favorite clothes or risking having them damaged from excessive scrubbing or warm water in the machine trying to get this stain off.

We at Evvoli thought it was time we relieved you of that stress. So we introduced Bubble Soak Technology to our washing machines. Through the use of a bubble generator, this intense stain-removal process triggers the detergent much earlier and faster than traditional methods. By applying air pressure to the detergent, the Bubble Generator quickly mixes it with a small amount of water resulting in bubbles.

By doing this, a foam cushion is created in the drum before the main water cycle is introduced. The detergent-infused bubbles penetrate fabrics faster and more efficiently than conventional wash systems, resulting in cleaner wash performance, especially during cold temperature cycles. The interesting fact is that Bubble Soak Technology performs best in cold water cycles, allowing you to save electricity. In addition to that, as the detergent completely dissolves earlier in the cycle, there is no need to worry about detergent residues.

Safe and efficient, this method ensures that you will no longer be concerned about damaging your clothes. Evvoli’s trusted Italian design makes them top-notch when it comes to reliability and convenience, so they are a smart choice for anyone! The LED display and the latest design thinking used on the machine give the modern look you’re looking to have in your house. Focusing not only on the in-store service but the 2-year warranty period with options for extended damage care backed by our friendly customer relationship team also gives you a pleasant hassle-free experience at Evvoli. 

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