Evvoli TVs, the difference is real

Evvoli TVs, the difference is real

Choosing your TV is a bigger decision than you’d think. With multiple options available out there in the market and the many factors that need to be considered from size and screen resolution to functions, focusing on the best value for your money can be a little tricky.

The reason is that today, the compatibility, convenience, and overall advancement of TVs make them much more than the technology we use to watch movies or news like we used to. In addition to classic old-fashioned services, modern TVs perform a wide variety of tasks for any age group, from presenting at work meetings, browsing the internet, participating in online lectures, and even playing video games.

Evvoli is a trusted TV manufacturer with a wide and enthusiastic customer base around the world. Understanding what’s expected from today’s TVs, Evvoli is at the forefront of bringing the latest trends and technologies to their users. Not stopping there, Evvoli’s efficient product research teams continuously work to assess trends to anticipate the future of modern televisions.

For the new generation of free and smart buyers who are seeking a brand that reflects their own individuality and dynamic lifestyle, Evvoli is a Consumer electronics brand that blends Human-Centric technology and neo-modern designs with excellent value.

What makes Evvoli different...

1. Flagship Italian Technology

We select brands for the reputation that they have built in the industry and the value that they offer. Looking to make a considerably long-term purchase decision, we believe that your thinking is no different.

Evvoli uses industry-leading Italian technology in their products, from TVs to other household electronics such as washing machines, dishwashers, and fridges. Their long-lasting quality and convenient design make them the go-to brand for most households in many parts of the world.

Evvoli smart TVs and LED TVs use this trusted technology to provide their users with the highest quality television experience to ensure the utmost satisfaction for everybody. The latest technologies, designs, and after-sale services offered by Evvoli TVs ensure to exceed expectations in ways other manufacturers struggle to meet.

2. Variety - A TV for any home & office

As said previously, TVs today provide many uses compared to old times. So have evolved the requirements and ultimately what’s expected of them. At Evvoli, we place the convenience of the user at the center of everything that we do. This means that helping you choose your TV based on the task is an important factor that we focus on.

Evvoli Smart TVs and LED TVs come in many different sizes and types. From screens with HD, FHD, and 4K UHD resolutions that range from a compact 19-inch to a gigantic 86-inch screen size, our TVs are seamlessly integrated with the latest industry technology.

This wide variety of TV resolutions and sizes makes Evvoli TVs an ideal option for any household or office for any requirement. The Evvoli showrooms and Evvoli.ae, combined with an exceptionally qualified customer service staff make purchasing an LED TV or a Smart TV easier and safer than ever before.

3. Durable - Perfect for both personal use and gifting

Purchasing a TV should always be a decision made for a long-lasting experience. Evvoli is a brand that believes in a legacy of high-quality materials that provide its customers with durable products at a time where most consumer electronics are expected to slide dow their life expectancy much faster than they did before.

With televisions being among the most frequently used electronic appliances in homes, it is important to ensure that the TV you purchase can withstand usage and last for a long time. Evvoli has a history of durable Smart TVs and LED TVs that works perfectly for years, making them the ideal purchase for personal use or as a gift for your loved ones.

In addition to the durability, Evvoli’s extended care packages brings about the needed protection for any damages that may happen with use and handling.

4. Warranty - Hassle free after-sale services

Evvoli ensures that their customers get to enjoy their purchases worry-free. Evvoli offers a dependable warranty that ensures that customers are protected from any manufacturing defects they may face. Customers can also choose from extended damage care options to make sure they feel confident about their purchases.

Evvoli’s customer care team is reachable at support@evvoli.ae or +971 58 253 1800 on all working days from 10 am to 9 pm with almost immediate response for all maintenance-related matters and assistance.

5. Compatibility - Use with any device and have access to as many apps

A smart TV’s compatibility with other devices and apps is its most significant feature. Keeping an open end for both Android and iOS devices, Evvoli Smart TVs come with in-built apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play.

Be it a movie night, match day, or anything work or education-related, Evvoli Smart TVs bring you the most enjoyable experience no matter what app you intend to use. These TVs are easily connected to both Android and iOS mobile phones and provide screen mirroring facilities.

Mentioned above are just some of the reasons why Evvoli is your best choice for a Smart TV or an LED TV for your house or office. Feel free to learn more about TVs and products at Evvoli. For more information, go to our website www.evvoli.ae , or visit our showroom at Shop 5, Souk Deira Street, Dubai. Or simply give us a call at 800-388-654 (toll-free).

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