Buying your Smart TV online in the UAE

Buying your Smart TV online in the UAE

Shopping online can be a lot of fun. It makes it possible to complete a multiple-store shopping spree without having to take ‘breaks’ or play hide-and-seek with the store worker following you everywhere while you are searching for products. 

No dressing up, no driving around, and no carrying all your heavy shopping bags. All your favorite items are just a click away from the comfort of your home!

There is no doubt that we all love shopping online. But how far can it go? There is a good chance that you are confident enough to order that fancy water bottle and that beautiful shoe that you see on the website. How about something a bit bigger and a little more complicated? Like a Smart TV.

Getting a Smart LED TV, online or offline, can feel like an overwhelming decision. Well, don’t be troubled. The main focus of Evvoli ‘s online buying experience is your comfort and ease of decision-making. Our trusted Italian technology makes us one of the most reliable Smart LED TV brands out there in the UAE. 

Read this article to understand how to get your Smart TV online without having to spend your limited free time visiting TV showrooms. But there are a few things you will have to pay attention to. This article will be your guide to getting your Smart TV online with no fear of having to regret it.

What to look out for, when getting your Smart TV online

This article outlines the factors you should consider after you have decided what type of TV you need. If you haven’t or are not sure how to select the suitable TV that matches your requirements, we recommend you read our dedicated article on how to select the right Smart TV first.

But selecting the type of TV you need does not end your list of concerns. A TV is not an item we purchase every month or year. So it’s wise to make sure you know what to expect when getting it delivered online.

Product Authenticity

The most important thing to consider when buying your Smart TV online is the authenticity of the product and the brand. This will make sure your experience with the product is just as great as expected and also that it lasts longer.

As Evvoli, we are celebrated for our reputation for high-quality authentic products all over the world. Our original Italian technology makes us a go-to electronics store with a wide range of home appliances. When it comes to our TVs, the vast options of HD and UHD Smart TVs provide the best value for your money no matter your budget.

Make sure you only order our products from our original site or our virtual stores at Amazon, Noon, Dubai Store, Dragon Mart & Microless, and that you receive your warranty card along with it.

Shipping cost

The price you are willing to pay for a TV is a long-term investment. But when buying your TV online, an added shipping fee can easily send its total cost above your expectations.

At Evvoli, we ensure that you don’t feel the difference between buying it at our online store or at our branch, by eliminating any shipping or delivery fees. We make sure to take that burden off of you and let you fully enjoy your purchase.

Our safe and efficient delivery teams can get your TV right to your doorstep free of charge no matter where you’re in the UAE.

Customer service

What’s worse than getting your TV and then being unable to contact the company for anything after that? Evvoli’s customer service teams are readily available to assist you with any problems you may come across when using the TV. And certainly not make you feel like a bad person for it.

Our super-friendly customer service teams are available from 10 am – 9 pm over the phone or via email whichever you prefer. We take full responsibility by providing you with a 2-year warranty and additional options for extended damage care for any concern you may come across after the purchase of your Smart TV.

Finding the answers to your questions has never been easier with our focus on providing you with the highest quality after-sale service.

Delivery type

Online shopping for a Smart TV can come with genuine concerns about how the product is delivered. Having to trust your TV to an unknown courier service may sometimes not sit well with you.

Especially something as fragile as a TV must be handled with the required standards and care. Understanding this, we ensure that your TV is delivered to your doorstep directly by us or only by reputed courier services. It ensures no mistakes are made in handling or delivering, so you have the best experience.

Return policy

Knowing the store’s return policy is a must-follow rule no matter what you buy online. This will protect you in a situation where you change your mind after making a purchase.

Evvoli’s guaranteed-satisfaction policy provides a 3-day return period where you can return your purchase back to us for a refund. This can be done either by visiting one of our stores or contacting us at Evvoli Helpline Number (+971 58 253 1800) or simply emailing us at

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